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2020-02-26 08:14 am

it lacks a human pulse

hi, hello.
masterposts are for people who actually write fics and do good work. instead, this is a general announcement and offering of my services.

i'll do art for your story, so long as the story belongs to you and you credit me wherever you post it (tumblr, twitter, lj, here, whatever, etc.)(obviously, you'd think, i'm pretty open-minded with a lot of stuff, so content shouldn't ever be an issue but if something comes up, i'll deal with it on a case-by-case basis. my art for fic and the like has been and always will be free of charge. i do this because i like seeing people happy and drawing and making art makes me happy. simple equation. i'm by no means a fantastic artist (trust me), but you can look at some of my work at my devart (link on the left).

i do participate in that bandom big-bang thing, so if you enter a story there, keep an eye out for my work attached to some of that business.

any questions can be asked and i'll answer them as soon as i see them.
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2013-05-12 08:20 pm


dear person whose bbb story i just claimed for art;

i love you, you are a glorious human being.


sundance, who just fus ro dah'd herself into a heart attack.