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being happy or unhappy

is a choice you make

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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
i draw and pretend i'm good at it even though i'm not. let's be friends.

Interests (148):

acoustic artists, adventures, angels, anti-religion, antiques, aphex twin, baristas, bears, being a hipster, being pretentious, being wasted, betsey johnson, blake lively, blinking, bluffs, booze culture, breathing, brendon urie, buildings, bullshit, cats, chicago, children, chuck palahniuk, clothes, cobra starship, coffee, color, common, couches, coulees, cowboy bebop, crappy video games, cuddle, death, demons, dogs, doors, drake, drug culture, dying, effort, empires, eric nally, everything, fall out boy, families, farms, flowers, foreign films, forests, forgive durden, foxes, foxy shazam, franz ferdinand, fun., furniture, ghosts, gore, gorillaz, grey areas, hate, having children, hipsters, hudson mohawke, ideas, interior design, international travel, japan, japanese jazz-funk, jeremy messersmith, jeremy renner, jjamz, journalism, julian, junk, kanye, ke$ha, kings of leon, lack of clothes, life, listening, loki, love, mars argo, mars volta, mcr, miike snow, modest mouse, mumford & sons, muse, n.e.r.d., nakedness, names, new york, not having children, open fields, outer space, owls, paranormal, parties, patd, pavlove, people, phobias, plague doctors, pro-god, psychology, q.tarantino, raccoons, reading, reality, rift monsters, roast beef, rockband, samurai champloo, sean van vleet, sex, sex bob-omb, sia, skrillex, skyrim, slow clapping, sociology, supernatural, talking, the airborne toxic event, the animal upstairs, the avengers, the burly northwoods, the future, the horrors, the hush sound, the in-between, the killers, the like, this is ivy league, tom hiddleston, trees, tumblr, twitter, watercolors, weddings, will noon, windows, writing, yawning, zombie movies

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